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Payroll Specialist

Bridgette Gallagher grew up on a farm outside of Portland, Oregon.  She joined the Navy at 17 years old and she met her husband, Tim, while stationed overseas.  After serving in the Navy for 6 years, Bridgette and her husband moved back to Tim’s hometown of Butler.  It was here she became the mother of five beautiful children in which 4 are boys.  While raising her children, Bridgette became a graduate of BC3 and Franklin University.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and an Associate degree in Business Management.  She has worked for Diehl Accounting (and now Bonus Accounting as of June 2021) for the past 6 years in the payroll and tax department.  Her children are now all in school and she is looking forward to spending more time in the workforce.

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